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Georgios Chatzoudis | 29.07.2013 | 5687 Aufrufe | Interviews |

A Turkish Spring?

Zu Gast bei L.I.S.A. with Edhem Eldem

What is going on in Turkey? Are protests in Turkey a sign of the failure of democracy? Are the tumultuous events on Taksim Square comparable to those on Egypt’s Tahrir Square? Is it justified to describe the protests in Turkey as the beginning of a Turkish spring? We asked this and more questions Dr Edhem Eldem, a Turkish historian of the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. There he teaches at the Department of History, School of Arts and Sciences. His research interests are the Social and Economic History of the Late Ottoman Empire, Intellectual Biographies and the History of Archaeology. Last year we had already in L.I.S.A.Interview with Dr Edhem Eldem about the current situation for archeologists in Turkey.

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