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Conference Opening: The Long End of the First World War

Welcome Addresses Wilhelm Krull and Andreas Gestrich | Introduction Katrin Bromber

The symposium focuses on the relation between global history and social history, highlighting actors and regions, and it systematically engages with the issue of diverse periodizations. ln discussing linkages between experience, historiography, and commemoration, the symposium aims at unsettling the notion of a static and clearly defined "end" of the War, a construct mainly based on European developments. How did the developments which marked the end of the War differ regionally, and how did prisoners of war, demobilized soldiers, women, or children from and in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East perceive and experience the "end"? How did this "end" influence new networks, socialmovements, society, economic processes, or ecological developments? And how were these ques­ tions discussed by contemporary intellectuals? With the centennial of the outbreak of the War and the increasing temporal distance it conveys, the nature of remembrance, too, is changing. 2014 was marked by extensive com­ memoration activities in many parts ofthe  world, not only on various politicallevels but also in the media, in the fields of Iiterature and in the arts. The symposium asks whether and how they shaped contemporary dialogues on commemoration-not only in Asia, Africa, or Latin America but also in Europe. Canthelass of  "Zeitzeugen" be compensated by the use of electronic and other media? And: does this make transnational commemoration easier (or more difficult)? We are particularly interested in issues and questions of what could be called "non-memory", torgatten or submerged memories. What is written out of historical narratives and what is being rediscovered? ln this respect, the symposiumwill  also discuss questions of changing memories and contested commemorations.



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