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SESSION 1: Post-War Political Frameworks, Networks and Movements

Conference "The Long End of the First World War. Ruptures, Continuities and Memories"

This video shows the first session of the Herrenhausen Symposium on „The Long End of the First World War“ which took place in Hanover, Germany, from May 8-10, 2017. The session ‘Post-war political frameworks, networks and movements’ was chaired by Jennifer Jenkins (Toronto) and featured two keynotes, one by Radhika Desai (Manitoba) and one by Cemil Aydin (North Carolina). Desai stressed the need for a structural and long-term analysis of the conflict to understand the War’s exact role in rethinking the twentieth-century world order. Aydin discussed how colonizers and the colonized made strategic use of the notions of race, nation and religion in service of geopolitical calculations.

Radhika Desai | The First World War as a Crisis of the Imperial Order

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Cernil Aydin | The shaping of transnational racial and civilizational identities in the Middle East and/or the Far East

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