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Anorthe Wetzel | 23.10.2017 | 63286 Aufrufe | Vorträge |

SESSION 7: Remembrance without "Zeitzeugen"?

Conference "The Long End of the First World War. Ruptures, Continuities and Memories"

Session VII discussed how the loss of “Zeitzeugen” (eye-witnesses) challenges practices of remembrance. Julia Tieke, Berlin, invited artists to work with oral sources from Asian POWs interned in the Wünsdorf Halfmoon Camp and confronted audiences in South Asia with the results. Nefin Dinç, Istanbul, used the memoir of an Austro-Hungarian soldier fighting in the Ottoman Empire to shed light on the complex history of the War in the Middle East. Min Young-Eung, Seoul, was inspired by recently surfaced military songs to screen the experiences of Korean soldiers in the Russian army. And Kerstin Schwedes, Brunswick, explained the efforts of the Georg Eckert Institute for Textbook Research to compare the diverse dealings with the War in European history textbooks.

Julia Tieke | Digging Deep, Crossing Far - The First World Warfrom the Radio to Sound Art

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Min Yong-Eung | "Forgotten Soldiers of Empire" - The First World War as a Film Documentary

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Kerstin Schwedes | The First World War in International Textbook

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Nefin Dinc | "Antoine the Fortunate"

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