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Bettina Elsper | 14.02.2020 | 638 Aufrufe | Reportagen |

Niger: National Oral Tradition Project

Project leadership: Prof. Dr. Seyni Moumouni

For better conservation and accessibility, the National Oral Tradition project has inventoried, catalogued and digitized the audio-visual sound archives collection of the Institute for Research in Human Sciences (IRSH) at University of Niamey (Niger). The collection reflects the popular tradition in its various dimensions, which include customs, music, folk poetry, arts and crafts, medicine, agriculture and livestock techniques. Recordings of for example conferences and musicians contain a large amount of extremely valuable epics and myths not found in other genres. To illustrate the importance of the evidence gathered in this domain, it is appropriate to recall that the history of the early twentieth century was often written by colonial administrators. Thus, the version of history by Nigerien eyewitnesses provides an interesting and enriching vision which is necessary for a more comprehensive view of the facts. Therefore, these archives constitute a scientific and patrimonial collection of tremendous value for Niger and for humanity. 



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Producer: IRSH
Camera: Soumaila Hainikoye
Editing: University of Niamey - Niger

Funded within the programme Patrimonies by the Gerda Henkel Foundation. 

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