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A Gender History of National Socialism - History, Memory, Debates

Gerda Henkel Visiting Professorship Lecture by Prof. Dr. Johanna Gehmacher

Political movements such as women’s movements around 1900 operated mostly in national arenas. The ideas and demands they propagated were, however, circulated (and transformed) transnationally. The talk takes the example of Käthe Schirmacher (1865-1930), a Danzig-born political activist who travelled widely through Europe before the Great War to discuss how women’s movements could share their different political concepts.

Johanna Gehmacher’s research focuses on women’s and gender history of the 19th and 20th century in Europe. Among other issues she is interested in the history of biographical thinking as a site of recurring de- and reconstructions of gendered and nationalised identities.

The Gerda Henkel Visiting Professorship is a joint project of the GHIL and the International History Department of the LSE and is funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation.



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