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#dhiha5 - Call to Join the Blog Parade

“Research Conditions and Digital Humanities: What are the prospects for the next generation?”

June 10 and 11, 2013 will see the fifth colloquium in the “Digital Humanities at DHIP” series, which has been organized by the German Historical Institute Paris in collaboration with L.I.S.A. – The Science Portal of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and the Centre pour l’édition électronique ouverte (Cléo).

What it is about...

At this year’s conference, attended by experts from across the globe, the thematic focus will be on the effects current changes in the digital world are having on research conditions and in particular on the question as to the consequences this could have for the next generation in the humanities. The discussions will centre on the following themes: Education and careers, recognition of academic achievements, quality assurance and evaluation, and new digital forms of science. As such, there will be four panel discussions:

  • Panel I: Which changes are currently taking place in our research and academic culture? (With Edward van Houtte, Dominique Bouiller and Arianna Ciula)
  • Panel II: University education: Which new abilities/skills have now become essential? (With Malte Rehbein and Jean-Michel Salaun)
  • Panel III: Evaluation and quality assurance in the digital humanities. (With Milena Zic-Fuchs and Denise Pumain)
  • Panel IV: Career, financing and the academic recognition of achievements in the digital humanities. (With Claudine Moulin and Pascal Arnaud)

This call to join the blog parade is intended to provide the entire academic community with the opportunity to collectively and indeed publicly participate in preparations for the colloquium.   
We welcome contributions on the abovementioned topics by individuals or groups that have been published on blogs or in wiki and/or iPad-compatible format, as well as other relevant texts or material from Zotero, Diigo, Tumblr or Storify, etc., audiovisual pieces, illustrations, podcasts, interviews, etc. – any format that enables a contribution to this public dialog is welcome! 

Conditions of Participation and Contact

Participation is subject to one condition: the contributions must be in the public domain and contain the hashtag #dhiha5. If you would like to contribute, post your entries as a comment beneath this article. If you don’t have your own blog you can send your contribution to us via email for publication on our blog (see below for contact details). We have also set up a publicly accessible Twitter archive for the hashtag #dhiha5.

All entries will be compiled and summarized by a group of young German and French academics and presented at the beginning of each of the panel discussions in the colloquium. There are still free places in the group if you wish to participate. Those speaking will then be asked to provide a response to the entries presented. The contributions we receive will also form the basis for a manifesto for the next generation of academics in the digital humanities, which will be edited at the end of the colloquium and subsequently published.

So get those keyboards tapping – we look forward to reading your entries!
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von Mareike König | 29.04.2013 | 15:28 Uhr
We have our first contribution in English: "The Three Orders or Digital Humanities Imagined #dhiha5"

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