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Jana Frey | 20.03.2020 | 478 Aufrufe | Dokumentarfilme |

Construction of a primary school in Tzasar, India

Research Expedition to the Zanskar region

Many government schools in Zanskar, a region part of the Kargil District in the province Ladakh, India and formerly part of the Indian State Jammu and Kashmir, face the problem that while they are staffed with well-qualified teachers, the facilities are often lacking. School buildings have been constructed according to a project scheme from Srinagar, capital of Jammu and Kashmir, taking into account Srinagar climate conditions. These types of buildings, however, are unfit for the climate conditions of the Zanskar region, in addition to which they are often poorly equipped. Professor Natalia Polosmak has initiated a social measure funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation accompanying her archaeological research in the region. The project will be dedicated to constructing and properly equipping a primary school in the village Tsazar, taking into consideration local conditions and materials. Architect Irina Chernyak went on a research expedition to study local construction technologies, materials as well as architectural solutions of existing government and private schools.

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