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Art History and Curatorial Workshop in Japan

December 1-14, 2019 | Report written by Prof. em. Dr. Deborah Klimburg-Salter and Dr. Natasha Kimmet

The Kabul Museum Project “Art History and Curatorial Workshop in Japan” held in December 2019 was an intensive two-week capacity building program aimed at strengthening the skills, expertise, and networks of the Kabul Museum’s young custodians of Afghanistan’s invaluable and at-risk cultural heritage. The program was built on, and complemented, the successful Kabul Museum Kyoto program in 2013 (also funded by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung). The study of Afghanistan’s material culture—its art, archaeology, numismatics, and conservation science—was the focus of this workshop. Emphasis was placed on training in the use of proper research methods, particularly critical examination and evaluation of original objects at renowned Japanese museums and research institutions, including Kyoto University, the Ryukoku Museum, and Tokyo University of the Arts.

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