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Judith Wonke | 03.11.2017 | 457 Aufrufe | Diskussionen |

From Lucy to you - Reclaiming African History

Panel discussion | African Roots

The "Deutsche Welle" has introduced their project "African Roots" with a panel discussion taking place in Bonn on 20th June 2017. The series aims to give younger Africans an understanding of people who influenced African history: The first one to be discussed is Dinkesh, alias Lucy, from the prehistoric species australopithecus afarensis. 

The guests were Ndinde Kioko (The Trans-African, Kenia), Prof. Dr. Edward Kirumira (Makerere University, Uganda) and Enoh Meyomesse (PEN Germany, Kamerun), who discussed questions of history and the interpretation of history under the heading: „From Lucy to You - Reclaiming African History“. Further questions were: How can African history be made a relevant issue? Which role does the choice of language have? What are the University's responsibilities? Which challenges are scholars, who want to have access to global archives and publish their results, facing?

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