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Section 1: Hierarchies

Conference "Working on Things. On the Social, Political, and Economic History of Collected Objects" (Berlin 2016)

Britta Lange's talk tackles the hunting, shooting, shipping, selling, investigating, mounting and exhibiting of great apes from South Cameroon between 1890 and 1926, the period in which the zoologist Paul Matschie was the head of the mammal department of the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. The focus lies on his relationship with Georg Zenker (1855-1922), a German zoologist and botanist who directed the German “wissenschaftliche Station” in Yaoundé in Cameroon/Central Africa from 1890 to 1895, left it (because of its assumption by the German military) and lived from 1896 on as a farmer in Bipindi (Lokundje River) with his family.

Britta Lange on "Hunting, Investigating and Exhibiting Great Apes. On Working Conditions in Colonial Cameroon and the German Reich, 1890– 1926"

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