Conditions of use

The charitable Gerda Henkel Foundation at Malkastenstrasse 15, 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany, supports science mainly through specific professional and duration-limited work in the field of historical humanities, in particular history, archaeology, history of art and other historical disciplines in universities and research institutes. To promote scientific exchange between former, present and future scholars and for general discussions on topics of the historic humanities, the Gerda Henkel Foundation offers the internet portal "L.I.S.A. – The science portal of the Gerda Henkel Foundation" (referred to below as: "L.I.S.A.).
L.I.S.A. is a free platform for exchange of scientific ideas and communication. Anyone can read articles on L.I.S.A.  Active participation via comments requires prior registration. Further facilities for participants are reserved for scholars of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and also require registration.

Registration for L.I.S.A. is dependent on the following conditions:

§ 1 Participant registration
(1)       The participant is obliged to provide all the necessary registration information as truthfully as possible. This applies in particular to names and address.
(2)        The participant is obliged to provide a valid e-mail address on registration and keep this up-to-date at all times.
(3)      The Gerda Henkel Foundation recommends that participants use their actual first and surnames as their user name on L.I.S.A . This is not however mandatory.
(4)       Contrary to paragraph 3 above, Gerda Henkel Foundation scholars are obliged to use their actual first and surnames as their user name.
(5)       The Gerda Henkel Foundation reserves the right to reject the registration of individual subscribers or to delete these immediately following the registration of subscribers.

§ 2 Conditions for active participation
(1)       By registering, participants undertake not to contribute content to L.I.S.A. which infringes applicable law. In particular they undertake not to infringe copyright, commercial protection, individual rights or legislation protecting young people.
(2)      Where the participant is a scholar of the Gerda Henkel Foundation and contributes content to L.I.S.A. that goes beyond purely commenting, the participant gives an assurance that he
a)        either is the holder of all rights to the articles
(3)      or is entitled to use and/or publish the contributed content on the internet and may grant corresponding rights to third parties.
(4)       The Gerda Henkel Foundation is entitled, on infringement of § 2, to block or delete and/or edit the content submitted by the participant, temporarily or permanently, in full or in part.
(5)       The participant releases the Gerda Henkel Foundation from all claims of third parties, including costs of defence in law, which are brought against the Gerda Henkel Foundation due to infringement resulting from content submitted by the participant in contravention of § 2.  He is also obliged to support the Gerda Henkel Foundation to the best of his knowledge and ability in defending such claims, in particular by making available all information helpful in the defence of such claims.
(6)       Should the participant infringe § 2, the Gerda Henkel Foundation is entitled to restrict and/or totally reject, either temporarily or permanently, the possibility of active participation in L.I.S.A. by the participant.
(7)       The further rights of the Gerda Henkel Foundation regarding contravention of § 2, in particular the right to compensation, are not affected.

§ 3 Granting of rights of use
(1)       The participant grants the Gerda Henkel Foundation irrevocable and irreducible non-exclusive rights to all content he contributes to L.I.S.A. with no time limit, to place the content on the website or in the yearbook or other print publications of the Gerda Henkel Foundation, individually or in combination with other content, in particular to make the content accessible to the public.
(2)       The rights granted include the right to edit content for the above purposes.
(3)       The Gerda Henkel Foundation is not entitled to sell the content commercially, and in particular not to transfer this to third parties against payment of fees.

§ 4 Termination of use
(1)       The participant is entitled at any time to terminate his participation in L.I.S.A. and to request deletion of his participant account. Deletion is performed by the Gerda Henkel Foundation immediately such a wish is expressed by the participant via email to citing his user name, full name and e-mail address given on registration.
(2)       The Gerda Henkel Foundation is entitled to delete the registration of a participant if the participant repeatedly infringes these conditions of use and does not refrain from such infringements even after being previously requested by the Gerda Henkel Foundation.
(3)       The Gerda Henkel Foundation retains its rights granted by the participant irrespective of the termination of use.