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Dr. Christine Howald | 11.11.2016 | 1808 Aufrufe | Vorträge |

The Economy of Taste in Ming China. Buyer and Dealer in the Art and Artefact Trade (1609-1616)

Keynote Timothy Brook | International Symposium "All the Beauty of the World" (Berlin 2016)

In the keynote speech of the international symposium “All the Beauty of the World. The Western Market for non-European Artefacts (18th-20th century)”, cultural historian Timothy Brook introduces China’s 17th century art market and its national actors as an example for the mechanisms of local, non-European markets before the European penetration. By taking the example of art collector Li Rihua (1565-1635) and his main supplier, dealer Xia, Brook looks at what artefacts circulated at the high end of the market, and how these artefacts became arranged into an economy of taste, which determined who bought what and how much the buyers were willing to pay for the artworks.



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