Ancient Nomads of Mangystau

EPISODE 1 | A Thousand Winter Camps

Where today only rubble, bare rocks and dust can be found, there once lived its own culture – the culture of Mangystau. Located in the south-west of Kazakhstan and along the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, nomads had set up their tents and settled down in late-antiquity. At the time, other climatic conditions prevailed in this region. From geological surveys and historical sources, it is knows that the country was fertile, had water flow and was visited by merchant karawan. A Russian-Kayakh archeology researcher, Dr. Evgeniy Bogdanov, is currently looking for remnants of this lost culture.

The Research Project
The objective of the present project is to study archaeological sites of the Hun period on Mangyshlak Peninsula in the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea. The project is aimed at innovational study and preservation of the cultural heritage in the region. The studies will include archaeological works and laboratory analyses of finds.

Project leadership:

Dr Evgeniy Bogdanov



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