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Section 2: Marketing Objects

International Symposium "All the Beauty of the World" (Berlin 2016)

The second section of the symposium “All the Beauty of the World. The Western Market for non-European Artefacts (18th-20th century)” focuses on the various strategies used in the commercialization of this developing market. Western exploration and conquest of previously unknown parts of the world led to a proliferation of artefacts that did not fit into the established Western canon. Thus, new forms of expertise and marketing strategies were required to successfully integrate these artefacts into the market. By taking the example of selected dealers in Paris, London and New York, Manuel Charpy (Lille), Yaëlle Biro (New York), and Léa Saint-Raymond and Elodie Vaudry (Paris) analyze the methods of display and the establishment of special object narratives that formed the basis for sales strategies and guided the dynamics of acquisition in the West. The section is chaired by Esther Tisa Francini (Zürich).

Manuel Charpy | Trading places. The Exoticization of Goods in 19th century Paris, London, and New York

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Yaëlle Biro | Avant-Garde, Ethnography, and the 1920s Sale of John Quinn's African Art Collection

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Elodie Vaudry & Léa Saint-Raymond | A New Eldorado: The French Market for pre-Columbian Artefacts in the Interwar Period

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