Prof. Dr. Ismail H. Demircioglu

Karadeniz Technical University
Ort: 61335 Trabzon - Turkey
Universität: Karadeniz Technical University
Mitglied seit 02.11.2010
Telefon: 0090 462 377 71 81


1969 Trabzon - Turkey
1994-1996- Research Assistance - Karadeniz Technical University- Turkey
1996-1999- Ph.D. Student-The University of Birmingham-UK
2000-2008- Assistant Prof- Karadeniz Technical University- Turkey
2009- Associate Prof - Karadeniz Technical UNiversity - Turkey
Prof. Dr. Ismail Demircioglu is Associate Professor in the Department of Secondary Social Science Education at Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. His research interests include the teaching of history, history teacher education and social studies teaching. He is the member of International Society for History Didactic and Euroclio.

Correspondence address:
Doc. Dr. Ismail H. Demircioglu, Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Secondary Social Science Education Department, Fatih Campus, Sogutlu- Akcaabat- Trabzon, TURKEY 61335.
Email: \
Telephone: + 90-462-3777181, Fax: +90 462- 248 73 44.

Selected Books in English:

Demircioğlu, İ. H. (2010). Educating History Teachers in Turkey and England: A Comparative Study, Saarbrückeni, VDM Verlag.

Selected papers in English:

1-Demircioglu, I. H. (2010). Turkish History Teachers Perceptions of Primary Sources in History Textbooks, The New Educational Review, 21-2, pp. 71-78.

2- Demircioglu, I. H. (2010). Emperical Research on History Education in Turkey: An Overview of Key Issues, Methods and Outcomes, Yearbook Annales, pp.53-67

3- Demircioglu, I. H. (2009). Analysis of Turkish Secondary School History Examination Questions According to Cognitive levels, The New Educational Review, 17-1, pp. 295-304

4- Demircioglu, I. H. (2008). Learning How to Conduct Educational Research: A Turkish Perspective, The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 33, pp. 1-17.

5- Demircioglu, I. H. (2008). Does The Teaching of History Encourage Active Citizenship in Turkey? Perceptions of Turkish History Teachers , International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research, 1, pp. 17-23.

6- Demircioglu, I. H. (2008). Using Historical Stories to Teach Tolerance: the experience of Turkish 8th- grade students, The Social Studies, 93-3, pp. 105-110

7- Demircioglu, I. H. (2008). History Teachers’ Attitudes to Museum Visits, Teaching History Journal, September, pp. 24-30.

8- Demircioğlu, İ. H. (2001) ‘Does the Teaching of History in Turkey Need Reform?’ International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research, December 2001,Volume 2, Number 1, p. 1-5.

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History Education, History Teacher Education, Social Studies Education, History Textbooks, Peace Education


Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Ecucation, Secondary Social Science Education Department, Sogutlu, Akcaabat,Trabzon, Turkey