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Georgios Chatzoudis | 28.01.2017 | 803 Aufrufe | Vorträge |

Night of Artificial Creativity (Teil 2)

Wie entsteht Neues? Leibniz' Idee der Erfindung | Abschlusskonferenz

What does “artificial creativity” mean, and how does the notion we have of it challenge our idea of creativity and creation? Does artificial intelligence and creativity pose a threat to creativity and artistic creation? Could it do so in the near future, and could co-existence or even collaboration between human and artificial creativity be envisioned in a future of creative expression?

These questions will be explored by Margaret Boden, in conversation with Ross Goodwin — AI researcher at New York University and creator of Sunspring’s AI script writer —, and artists Florian Dohmann (part of art collective YQP) and Roman Lipski, as they explore the analytic, critic and prophetic questions regarding artistic engagement with AI, cutting-edge scientific research and audience questions.



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