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History - Teaching - Tolerance
Dr. Ismail H. Demircioglu

This study’s primary purpose is to investigate the ways in which eighth-grade students responded to a story told to them in a history lesson, which was intended to teach them tolerance. The author used a qualitative approach to gather data in this study. First, he researched the literature dealing with the importance of storytelling in education. Second, he used a semistructured interview to elicit the attitudes of twenty randomly chosen eighth-grade students, both toward the story itself and toward the activities basedon the story. The author conducted the research in May 2005 in a primary school in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. The compiled data revealed the following results: the use of stories can make history lessons interesting and enjoyable; by listening to this story, students recognized that people with different religions and ethnicities can live together peacefully; the story influenced students’ ideas about people from different cultural backgrounds in a positive way; and students recognized that tolerance is important if people are to live together.

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Dr. Ismail H. Demircioglu is Associate Professor in the Department of Secondary Social Science Education at Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. His research interests include the teaching of history, history teacher education and social studies teaching.  He is the member of International Society for History Didactic and Euroclio.


Correspondence address:
Doc. Dr. Ismail H. Demircioglu, Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Secondary Social Science Education Department, Fatih Campus, Sogutlu- Akcaabat- Trabzon, TURKEY 61335.
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Telephone: + 90-462-3777181, Fax:  +90 462- 248 73 44.

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von Ulku Varan | 17.09.2010 | 19:09 Uhr
An interesting and valuable paper to teach tolerance and make history lessons more intersting.


von Eva Kestner | 17.09.2010 | 19:13 Uhr
this paper should be followed by history and social studies teachers to teach tolerance. Congratulation

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