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Univ.-Prof.DDr. Monika Leisch-Kiesl | 23.11.2019 | 665 Aufrufe | Artikel |

Globalizing East European Art Histories

Zweiter Vortrag der Ringvorlesung "Global Art History (3)"

The lecture of Beáta Hock, who is a senior researcher at Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO), focused on the post-conference volume Globalizing East European Art Histories. Past and Present, co-edited by Hock.1 The conference, that took place in 2014 and was organised by Piotr Piotrowski under the title “East European Art Seen From Global Perspectives: Past and Present” (Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, PL), was one of the first attempts to problematise the conditions of globalisation within the framework of regional research. Hock introduced the problems and key issues discussed during the conference and in the post-conference volume focusing on the issues of transnational approach in art history, especially Piotr Piotrowski’s proposal to expand the timeframe of the study areas beyond contemporary concerns of globalisation and to combine contemporary historiography with art histories of pre-modern and modern art.



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