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The Manuscript Culture in Timbuktu

General-Interview with Prof. Dr. Shamil Jeppie | Episode 5

South African historian Prof. Dr. Shamil Jeppie from the University of Cape Town has been focussing his research activities on the Timbuktu manuscripts since 2008. The Director of the Institute for Humanities in Africaand Head of the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project explains in our General Interview the scientific basis on which the manuscripts are analysed, the overall goals of the project and what fascinates him personally about the unique sources of African history.



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The Research Project
Several recent studies have argued that the Muslim world has many elements of "civil society." What is implicit in these studies is the primary source material generated within civil society and on which these studies are based. These sources are still to be investigated, especially when referring to the pre-digital era. This project focuses on Sahelo-Saharan Africa and on that region's manuscripts, which were the embodiment of civil society discourses produced and circulated in the pre-digital era, such as legal disputes, Sufi polemics and commercial networks. Timbuktu, a symbol of the intellectual and civic culture of Sahelo-Saharan Africa, as well as a major centre of manuscript archives, will be the case study selected to conduct an enquiry into civil society in the region. It will be the main focus, as it can be considered a node in a widespread network of scholars, scribes, manuscripts, and ideas, which moved across the broader region. The aim of this project is to survey and study a body of manuscripts reflecting prominent discourses produced by and debates around Sahelo-Saharan civil society.

Project leadership

Prof Dr Shamil Jeppie


Cape Town

Academic Project Manager

Dr. Shamil Jeppie Project MembersSaarah JappieSusana Molins LliterasDr. Mauro Nobili
Rifqah KahnHassen Muhammed KawoAbubakar Sadiq AbdulkadirShabnam Parker

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Peter Prestel

Camera Technicians
Klaus Hernitschek

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Klaus Hernitschek

Overall Planning Teams
Gisela Graichen und Peter Prestel

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