Dr. Florence Gaignerot-Driessen | 18.12.2010 | 3320 Aufrufe | Artikel

Excavations at Sissi (Mirabello : Sissi ARchaeological Project (SARPEDON)

Since 2007 excavations by the Belgian School at Athens and the universities of Louvain/Leuven have taken place on the Kephali Ag. Antoniou hill at Sissi, 4 km east of Malia. The intention of the project, directed by Pr. Jan Driessen (UCL), is to examine how the two sites related during the different phases of the Bronze Age. Four excavation campaigns have succeeded in revealing a Prepalatial and Protopalatial cemetery (EM IIA-MM II) with a number of house tombs and ossuaries at the foot of the hill, several Neopalatial buildings (LM I) probably forming workshops on the lower slope and, on top of the hill, an extensive Postpalatial complex (especially LM IIIB) with multiple signs of cult and workshops, organized around several large pillar halls. At the foot of the hill, a Cyclopean wall was also investigated.

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