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Elzbieta Bogdanowicz

Warsaw University, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Ort: 05-806 Warsaw
Universität: Warsaw University, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Mitglied seit 26.02.2012
Telefon: +48 600 896 308



mgr Elżbieta Bogdanowicz
conservator of fine arts
conservation of painting
and wood sculptures

address: M.Konopnickiej 5
05-806 Komorów
tel.+48 22/ 758 09 19
mobile:+48 600 896 308


In 2012 I was working in The Temple of Hatshsepsut at Deir el-Bahari in Egypt, restoring polychrome relief in the Hathor Chapel ( XV century B.C.).

In 2011 I was working in Murato in Corsica, restoring XIV century's paintings in church .

In 2009 and 2010 I was working in Hawarte, in Syria restoring paintings from I – IV century.

In 2009 I was graduated in History of Art..

Since 2008 I have been cooperating with Ethnographic Museum in Ostrołęka.
My main works from this period:
- conservation of gouache painting on canvas which is a part of paneau “ Summer “ by Zofia Stryjeńska (1925)
- conservation of XVII century oil painting on cardboard
- conservation of many wood, painted, ethnographic sculptures

From 1991 to 1993 I was working in Museum of Polish Army in Warsaw. In 1991 I organized The Painting Conservatory Studio in this museum.
My main conservatory works from this period:
- conservation of two XV century wooden shields covered with leather, linen canvas and painted,
- conservation of XVII century metal round shield decorated with the scene of fighting men,
- conservation of a piece of an army flag, oil painting on cotton “ Madonna of Ostra Brama “

From 1987 I have been doing conservation works for museums, churches and private collectors in Assotiation of Polish Artists studio in Warsaw.
My major conservation works include:,
- conservation of a venerated Saint Madonna from Malbork ( XVII / XVIII century )
- conservation and reconstruction of a XVII century oil painting, damaged seriously (70%),
- cooperation in the conservation of XVII century church altar in Grębień,
- cooperation in the conservation of a baroque altar in Troszyn,
- cooperation in the conservation of gothic wall painting in the Cathedral in Gniezno.

In the years of 1981 to 1987 I was studying at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Department of Conservation and Reconstruction of Works of Art.
In 1987 I wrote my MA theses on the conservation of a XIX century Russian icon.

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conservation of paintings and wood sculptures

Aktuelles Projekt

Polychrome relief in Hatshepsut Temple, Deir el Bahari, Egypt


Warsaw University, Academy of Fine Arts
Förderbeginn I am interested in conservation projects as a partner of the Gerda Henkel Fundation