Dr. phil. Necati Alkan

Universität Bamberg
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Universität: Universität Bamberg
Mitglied seit 04.12.2014

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Islamwissenschaft, Geschichte, spaetes Osmanisches Reich

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The Nusayri Alawis in the Late Ottoman State


Islamwissenschaft / Geschichte


Dissent and Heterodoxy in the Late Ottoman Empire: Reformers, Babis and Baha’is - Isis Press: Istanbul, 2008 (revised PhD thesis)

“‘The Eternal Enemy of Islām’: Abdullah Cevdet and the Baha’i Religion”, in: Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies (68/1, 2005), 1-20

“Süleyman Nazif’s ‘Open Letter to Jesus’: An Anti-Christian Polemic in the Early Turkish Republic”, Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 44, No. 6, 851–865, November 2008

"Fighting for the Nusayri Soul: State, Protestant Missionaries and the 'Alawis in the Late Ottoman Empire", in: Die Welt des Islams 52/1.

"Divide and Rule: The Creation of the Alawi State after World War I", in: Fikrun wa Fann no. 100;