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Georgios Chatzoudis | 09.08.2019 | 125 Aufrufe | Vorträge |

Dr. Jessie Labov | Virtual Networks and Material Traces: The Postsocialist Digital Legacy of East European Oppositional Culture

Kölner Vorträge im Sommersemester 2019 | Die Historie und das Digitale

Eastern European dissident cultural history is not to be understood without the publishing activities, whether that means smuggled literature, bulletins or books published at one's own expense. Another effective method to influence Eastern European culture are digital methods. Therefore, Dr. Jessie Labov, Resident Fellow in the Center for Media, Data and Society, introduces and combines two fields of studies: Digital humanities on the one hand and the studies of dissent and cultural opposition in Eastern Europe on the other hand. Within the lecture series "Kölner Vorträge" and in cooperation with the Department of Eastern European History (University Cologne), the literary and media scholar gives insight into her recent studies and the research field in Eastern Europe in general. 

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