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Nepal - A frail heritage

Das Erdbeben von 2015

Project leadership:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels Gutschow

Two severe earthquakes hit Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015. Thousands of people lost their lives. Apart from the humanitarian disaster, the earthquakes also had a devastating impact on human cultural heritage. Numerous buildings of historical importance in Nepal were partly or completely destroyed, and a great many houses and temples collapsed and cannot be rebuilt. Since 1979 the architectural legacy of Kathmandu Valley has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and even before…

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Nepal - Zerbrechliches Erbe

Zu Gast bei L.I.S.A. spezial mit Niels Gutschow

Vor gut einem Jahr erschütterte eine Erdbebenserie die Region am Himalaya. Das Epizentrum des stärksten Bebens, das sich am 25. April 2015 ereignete, lag in der Nähe der nepalesischen Hauptstadt…

Nepal - Zerbrechliches Erbe