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Seefahrt - Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Kultur

Symposium "Über das Meer" | Impulsvorträge und Diskussion

Seefahrt in der Antike und Seefahrt in der Neuzeit stehen sich in diesem Panel gegenüber. Der Althistoriker Prof. Dr. Martin Zimmermann von der LMU München stellt in seinem Impulsvortrag das antike…

Seefahrt - Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Kultur
L.I.S.A. Redaktion | 08/17/2016 | 2054 Views | Movies by the Gerda Henkel Foundation

The Genesis of German Precision Clock Making

Episode 1: How everything started

European expeditions by ship mark the start of the Modern Age. In order to navigate across the oceans using the stars, sailors not only needed a sextant but also a precise timepiece. How did…

How everything started
L.I.S.A. Redaktion | 04/20/2016 | 2511 Views | 2 | Movies by the Gerda Henkel Foundation

Librarian to the Emperor

Episode 1: A European career - Paris

As librarian in Vienna’s court library in the 17th-century, Peter Lambeck was a member of the so-called Republic of Letters. While political fortunes were still controlled by the European monarchs,…

A European career - Paris