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Angry Young Men in Afghanistan? - Episode III

An ICOS video project by Jorrit Kamminga

Supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the video ‘Angry Young Men?’ was filmed by the ICOS Film division in and outside of Kabul at the end of July and the beginning of August 2011. It aims to illustrate how, despite the many challenges still being faced by people in Afghanistan, positive developments are taking place. One of the most encouraging signs is the emergence of a new generation of young Afghan men who aspire to a positive future and who hope to play a role in the country’s transition to becoming a modern society.



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About ‘Angry Young Men’

With more than six children being born on average to every Afghan woman, Afghanistan has the highest fertility rate in Asia. As a result, its population of around 33 million is expected to double within the next 30 years. Currently, around 4.5 million (more than 13% of the total population) are between 15 and 30 years old, an age group that can be considered of ‘military age’ but also as an important building block for a more stable and peaceful Afghanistan. Given the enormous population growth, the role of the youth in Afghan society will progressively determine the future course of the country.

In all of the major cities of Afghanistan, ICOS has witnessed increasing numbers of young men, (unfortunately for the moment less young women), who want to finish their university studies, who aspire to becoming business men or politicians, are enrolled in IT or language courses or would like to study or work abroad to gain experience. These are all signs of a new, modern generation that could become an important catalyst for change in Afghanistan. In this respect, the young men interviewed in the video are not exceptions, but are representative of the positive changes witnessed in Afghanistan among the younger generations.

This first video, divided in four episodes, focuses only on young men in Kabul. Although the situation of young men in the more traditional and conservative areas in eastern and southern Afghanistan is often very different, ICOS has also observed a new, positive spirit emerging in these areas. In future videos, ICOS hopes to shed more light on the situation of young men in other areas of Afghanistan, and also assess the situation of young Afghan women around the country.

About ICOS Group

ICOS Group is an independent non-for-profit organisation working to combine grassroots research and policy innovation at the intersections of education, employment, human security and development. In Afghanistan, ICOS uses a combination of field research, policy analysis and project implementation to examine the root causes of current challenges and propose innovative solutions. ICOS has had a permanent presence in Afghanistan since 2005, conducting field research across the country, but with a special focus on southern Afghanistan.

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