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Dr. Jörn Eiben (geb. Esch) | 27.02.2017 | 4330 Aufrufe | Vorträge |

American Girl. The Iconographies of Helen Wills

Keynote by Kasia Boddy | Conference "Visualities - Sports, Bodies, and Visual Sources"

Kasia Boddy, professor for American Cultural and Literary History, gave the third keynote, in which she puts an emphasis on the gendered dimension of visualisations in sport. Following the examples of Helen Wills and Suzanne Lenglen, Boddy demonstrates how both athletes were represented on photographs and drawings in a fairly different manner. Yet, Boddy points out, both tennis players were coded in decidedly gendered terms. While Lenglen became an icon of fashion and grace, Wills literally embodied the iconography of an American girl: a clean and strong, yet female heroine.

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