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Das Junge Rheinland

Hundred Years (1919 - 2019) | Episode 1

At one time, artists as famous as Otto Dix and Max Ernst belonged to the artists’ association that was “Das Junge Rheinland”. A great deal of research has already been conducted and published about these and other notable artists who belonged to the society, but even today not much is known about “Das Junge Rheinland” as a group – quite the contrary, indeed the society has largely fallen into oblivion. The aim of a research project funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation and headed up by art historian Andrea von Hülsen-Esch (HHU Düsseldorf) is now to investigate the artists’ association and to bring it back to public attention. To this end and to mark the society’s 100th anniversary, the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf devoted an exhibition (7.2. - 2.6.2019) to it, in which the results of the current research were also included.



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“Das Junge Rheinland” (The Young Rhineland) was one of the first artists’ associations to be established in Germany after World War I. By 1932 it numbered some 300 artists, whose objective was to create local and national exhibition opportunities and thus make themselves “visible”. The diversity of the group, the degree to which its members were networked, and their links with artists from other regions and towns has not hitherto been sufficiently researched. With the 100th anniversary of the establishment of “Das Junge Rheinland” falling in 2019, Museum Kunstpalast and the Heinrich Heine University have joined forces to inject new vigour into research concerning the extent of the art association’s network. The project’s objective is to establish a research platform that will offer interlinked information on people, works, exhibitions and publications by “Das Junge Rheinland” and make available any scholarly essays produced within the scope of the project. The context for this is the art-historical documentation undertaken at the Kunstpalast and the presentation of a major special exhibition (7 February-2 June 2019).



Prof. Dr. Andrea von Hülsen-Esch

Peter Prestel

Klaus Hernitschek

Klaus Hernitschek

Gisela Graichen und Peter Prestel

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by Dipl. Ing. Tim Fischer | 02.07.2019 | 11:30
Spannender Beitrag. Die Protagonisten Dix und Ernst zählen sicher zu den namhaftesten Malern der Urspünge des modernen Kunstzeitalters. Es ist fantastisch, dass die Künstlervereinigung "Das Junge Rheinland" wieder mehr in das öffentliche Bewusstsein gerückt wird. Die Kunstgalerie Inspire Art arbeitet derzeit intensiv an einer geschichtlichen Zusammenstellung nahezu vergessener Kunstvereine. Wir freuen uns auf weitere Kommentare.


by Ghostwriter | 03.07.2019 | 16:23
Ich persönlich habe die Ausstellung besucht. Die Ausstellung lohnt sich.

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